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When it comes to man versus machine, we like to keep things sparkling clean. If you like coffee as much as we do, you most likely have some sort of equipment to brew your daily dose of good quality coffee. Like most pieces of equipment, coffee machines and Nespresso ® makers require maintenance and cleaning (most commonly referred to as descaling). Fortunately MBB’s range of eco-friendly coffee machine cleaning products helps home baristas keep their coffee equipment running longer.


What does descaling mean?


Water in South Africa can be fairly hard meaning it has a high mineral count. Minerals such as calcium, magnesium and limestone can be found in harder water. While this is good for nature and for drinking, it’s not necessarily great for equipment such as coffee machines, urns, kettles and Nespresso ® makers.

The minerals found in hard water have a tendency to build up in your coffee maker over time. One of the most noticeable impacts is the taste it produces in morning, evening or noon coffee brew. While a blockage can cause damage to your equipment, it can be prevented through a process known as descaling. To descale something simply means that you are removing the excess build up of minerals from an appliance that is exposed to harsh water conditions.

When to use coffee machine cleaning products


If you are one of the lucky ones, your machine will come with a little light that will tell you when to descale. Older machines and models with less bells and whistles may not have the same luxury. In these instances, there are two tell tale signs that your coffee maker is in need of a deep clean.

Does something taste a bit off? Limescale build up affects the components inside your coffee machine which can cause internal damage. While build up does not generally create a taste, coffee oils that have been circulating over periods of time in the area where the coffee is brewed, can e.g. an espresso machine’s portafilter, the grouphead the portafilter fits into, or the head of a Nespresso ® brewer. It’s important to flush these areas out with cleaning capsules for Nespresso ® machines or cleaning tablets for home espresso machines. If you notice something a little off, it may be your coffee maker’s way of telling you it needs descaling.

Another sign to keep an eye on is if you spot chalky white residue in your coffee maker. This is the calcium, magnesium and limestone that has built up in your machine.

Depending on how much coffee you make in a day, a good quality coffee maker only needs descaling a handful of times per year. This may vary depending on use frequency, the machine age, make or model as well as the harshness of the water in your area.


MBB’s range of coffee machine cleaning products 


The Magnificent Barista Boys have two coffee machine cleaning products online and in @home stores nationwide:

Eco-friendly Descaler 200ml: This product is perfect for coffee machines, home espresso machines, bean to cup brewers, Nespresso ® machines, kettles and urns.This descaling coffee machine cleaning product contains a sanitising agent that kills bacteria and moulds while descaling. It removes calcium and limescale build-up quickly and effectively without damaging your equipment.

Top Tip: Where possible, look out for the white layer that appears on the inner parts of your machine. If you are unable to deep dive into your machine, best stick to a regular cycle.

Safety Tips: This product may cause skin irritation and eye damage. Keep out of reach of children and wash your hands immediately after use. If possible, wear protective gloves and eye protection. Dispose of contents in accordance with local regulations.


Eco-friendly Cleaning Capsules: These nifty little capsules come in packs of 5, are Nespresso ® compatible and prolong the lifespan of your capsule machine. It does this by removing old coffee oil residue and bacteria that has built up over time.

Fun Facts: It deters burnt and astringent flavours from brewing into coffee, is 100% food safe, non hazardous and phosphate free. It is also made from biodegradable, natural and organic materials.

Safety Tips: Do not drink and keep away from eyes. Keep out of reach of children.


Descaling your Coffee Machine

You will require water and one of our coffee machine cleaning products.

  • Empty out your coffee maker. Make sure that the carafe is spotless and that any coffee grounds are removed from the chamber
  • Brew the cleaning solution. Fill the carafe with equal parts of cleaning solution and water – approx 100ml. Note that our descaler can make 2 x doses per 200ml
  • Pour the solution into the water chamber all the way up
  • Start a half brew cycle. Once you are halfway, switch off the coffee maker and let it sit for at least an hour. Note that this step is only necessary if it has been a while since you cleaned. If you maintain your coffee machine regularly, you can skip this step
  • Complete the brew cycle once the 60 minute time lapse has passed
  • Empty the carafe and rinse thoroughly
  • Run the water cycle for another one to two rounds to remove ensure it receives a thorough rinse


Top Tip: When in doubt, refer to your coffee machine’s instruction manual. 


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