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With summer in the air and Cape Town ready to relax and bask in the glorious sunshine, you’re probably ready to try something a little more refreshing. While good quality coffee continues to be a staple every day drink to homes and households, it’s time for a few “cool” ideas for you to try at home..

The Magnificent Barista Boys have put together some delicious summer coffee recipes, adapting some of the classics with our own artisanal coffee and fine tea products. Quench your desire for a cold caffeine fix or dazzle your guests with a premium experience by serving up these simple iced coffee treats al fresco.


Summer Coffee Recipes #1: The Freezo Classico


What is it: The Freezo Classico is a decadent blend of crushed ice, ice-cold milk and our beautiful dark horse coffee roast. We’ve put a slight twist or two on this classic by blending in some condensed milk as well as a tiny swirl of roasted hazelnut coffee syrup for that extra bit of sweetness.

What you’ll need: A double shot of our Dark Horse. The darker roast profile of the Dark Horse has more flavour intensity which is a great option to use with iced coffees (with the colder temperatures of iced drinks, flavours can get a little subdued). You will also need about 60ml of condensed milk, 100ml of full fat milk and ice blocks.

How to make it: Simply add everything together in a blender and blitz until the mixture resembles a milkshake like consistency.

The extra touch: Top your Freezo Classico off with a dollop of whipped cream, dark chocolate shavings and a tiny swirl of roasted hazelnut coffee syrup.


Summer Coffee Recipes #2: Traditional Iced Coffee


What is it: The very first iced coffee ever made was recorded in 1840 in Algeria. It was originally called mazagran, invented by the French army during the battle of Mazagran. It experienced several evolutions as it passed around the world and took on many names such as Frappé (which means “to beat” in Greek). In Austria, locals added a small shot of rum for that extra kick and in Vietnam, summer coffee was served strong with sweetened condensed milk. However you like to dress it up, the traditional iced coffee is best enjoyed cold with a hint of sweetness.

What you’ll need: A double shot of any Nespresso compatible coffee flavoured capsule (we recommend the hazelnut or vanilla and cream), a good amount of ice blocks and 100ml of full cream milk and a bit of honey to sweeten (optional).

How to make it: Fill the glass ¾ of the way with ice. The ice cubes should be fairly large so that the beverage can retain its coolness for longer. Add the milk and let it chill while the coffee is brewing. Add your brewed coffee over the ice cubes and stir gently so that the liquids can blend. Finish off with some optional honey or coffee syrup for some added sweetness.

The extra touch: Serve immediately and as cold as possible. If  brewing Original, Dark Horse or CBD flavoured capsules, we recommend adding some coffee syrup for sweetness. For flavoured coffee, we suggest using honey instead.


Summer Coffee Recipes #3: Affogato A’la Steph


What is it: This has to be Steph’s all time favourite coffee dessert. How can something so simple be so decadent and delicious? The term originated from the motherland of espresso coffee. Italians made this dessert by pouring espresso over their ice cream or gelato. The affogato is the perfect way to end a 5-star dining experience at the end of the night.

What you’ll need: A double shot of Original or Dark Horse coffee. For the best flavor we recommend brewing from freshly ground beans if you have a grinder available. Alternatively pre-ground coffee works great too. You will also need 3 scoops of quality vanilla bean ice cream, some blossom honey and for an optional crunchy texture, nuts – almonds, cashews or pistachios work equally well.

How to make it: Brew your coffee and set aside. Scoop the vanilla ice cream into a glass. We find that a tumbler works best. Gently pour the coffee over the ice cream and drizzle with a touch of blossom honey. If you prefer to keep the ice cream from melting too fast, pour the coffee along the side and not over the ice cream.

The extra touch: For a bit of texture, crush some cashew nuts and sprinkle on top.


Summer Coffee Recipes #4: Magnificent Ice Tea


What is it: We’re not going to lie. This was a tricky one to achieve and a touch on the experimental side. We have never tried using our fine tea range for anything like this before but we were pleasantly surprised by the outcome, producing a fruity, refreshing quench thirsty for lazy summer afternoons.

What you’ll need: 1 tea bag of rooibos with orange peel and cinnamon, 1 green rooibos with lemongrass and ginger and 1 tea bag of ceylon tea with cornflower. You will need some ice blocks as well as some fresh seasonal fruit to add some natural sweetness. Our version of events included a selection of fresh blueberries, strawberries and fresh mint.

How to make it: Place the three tea bags into a tea point and brew for 3 – 5 minutes. The longer you brew, the stronger the tea and flavours. Be careful not to overbrew your tea. Once brewed, pour the infusion into a glass of ice blocks and add some mint, sliced strawberries and blueberries. Use honey or your preferred sweetener to taste.

The extra touch: Our tea is brilliant as is. No added fineries required.


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