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Ciao Bella: An Exhilarating Coffee Journey

The Magnificent Barista Boys are proud to introduce our newest Italian-inspired medium-dark roast – Ciao Bella! Our latest bambino is the perfect balance of robust, full-bodied goodness and enticing sweet caramel with a touch of toasted nut aromas bursting through in every invigorating cup. The story behind our latest creation begins with a family vacation to Italy and ends with a new Magnificent Barista Boys product, crafted with unparalleled depth and complexity.


The Inspiration Behind Ciao Bella

The birth of Ciao Bella is an Italian love story inspired by our founding partner, Francois’s most recent trip to Italy.  As he ventured through the romantic streets of old-town Italy, he encountered the rich smoky flavours produced by some of the oldest coffee and most revered roasteries.

Sip by sip, Francois was transported back to the vibrant 16th century, when the coffee trade erupted and the bewitching aroma of coffee beans first graced the streets of Venice. The charming coffee houses and roasteries swiftly evolved into the heart of social life, creating a culture of coffee appreciation while captivating the souls of society.

Francois’s premium coffee experience and rich Italian heritage served as an inspiration behind our new ‘Ciao Bella’ range bringing our customers a taste of Italy right in the comfort of their homes.


Where Africa Meets Europe: About The Ciao Bella Beans


Italian inspired, African flair. Our Ciao Bella coffee beans hail from East Africa, renowned for its unparalleled variety and exceptional quality. Originating from the ancient coffee forests on the Ethiopian plateau, legend has it that a goat herder named Kaldi stumbled upon a remarkable secret hidden within these cherished beans. Ciao Bella puts an African spin on the Italian coffee brewers, with its robust and full-bodied flavours, complemented by delightful hints of sweet caramel and tantalising chocolate undertones.


For the Home Connoisseur: The Barista Blend Redefined

Our best kept secret has always been our Barista Blend dark roast. This all-African coffee boasts tantalising tasting notes of sweet maple and toasted nuts, perfectly complemented by a delightful dalliance of milk chocolate and zesty grapefruit flavours.


Dark Roast vs. Medium Dark Roast: What’s the Difference?

Exploring the world of coffee flavours often leads us to the captivating debate between dark roast and medium dark roast beans. These two profiles represent distinct journeys that coffee beans take from their green state to the rich, aromatic cups we savour.

Dark roast beans are renowned for their boldness, roasted longer to unveil a deep, smoky flavour accompanied by subtle bitterness. On the other hand, medium dark roast beans strike a harmonious balance, preserving more of the bean’s original characteristics while still offering a richer body and moderate brightness. The choice between these roasts ultimately depends on your preference for robust intensity or a milder yet flavorful experience, inviting coffee enthusiasts to embark on a sensory adventure through their morning brews.

How to taste the difference…

Tasting the differences between dark roast and medium dark roast coffee is a delightful journey for the senses. To distinguish these profiles, start by observing the visual cues:

  • Dark roast beans exhibit a shiny, almost oily surface due to the extended roasting, while medium dark roast beans possess a deep brown colour with a slightly less glossy appearance.
  • As you take your first sip of a dark roast, relish the bold, full-bodied taste with notes of caramelised sugars and a hint of bitterness that lingers on the palate. In contrast, the medium dark roast invites a more nuanced exploration, offering a balanced flavour spectrum where the original bean’s natural acidity and subtle undertones shine through the rich, chocolatey base.
  • Pay attention to the aftertaste as well; dark roasts often leave a smoky, earthy finish, while medium dark roasts tend to conclude with a pleasantly rounded and slightly fruity note.

Engaging in this tasting experience deepens your appreciation for the intricate artistry of coffee roasting, as you savour every sip that embodies the distinctive essence of each roast. Ciao Bella and Barista Blend coffee beans are available from the Magnificent Barista Boys site and from @home stores South Africa nationwide. Both are available in 250g and 1kg bags.

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