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Ah, the sweet embrace of summer in Cape Town, where the sun kisses the city with warmth and relaxation. As the temperature rises, it’s time to put a cool spin on your daily coffee and tea routine with some delightful and refreshing iced coffee ideas.

The Magnificent Barista Boys have rounded up a few favourite chilled classics for a fresh take on our artisanal coffee and fine tea products, perfect for the hot summer months. Try these cool coffee creations and home and enjoy summer in the Cape with a spring in your step.

The Freezo Classico Revival


Let’s kick things off with a revival of the classic Freezo Classico, a decadent blend of crushed ice, ice-cold milk, and our beautiful Dark Horse coffee roast. Elevate it by adding a twist with condensed milk and a tiny swirl of roasted hazelnut coffee syrup for that extra touch of sweetness. Blend it all together for a milkshake-like consistency, and top it off with whipped cream, dark chocolate shavings, and more hazelnut syrup.


Traditional Iced Coffee Remixed


Transport yourself to the origins of iced coffee with our remixed version. Use any Nespresso compatible coffee flavored capsule, like hazelnut or vanilla and cream, over a generous amount of ice. Add 100ml of full cream milk and a hint of honey for sweetness. Stir gently and serve immediately for that classic cold brew experience.


Affogato à la Steph Reimagined


Steph’s favorite coffee dessert gets a fresh twist! Brew a double shot of Original or Dark Horse coffee and pour it over three scoops of quality vanilla bean ice cream. Drizzle with blossom honey and, for a crunchy texture, sprinkle crushed almonds, cashews, or pistachios on top. It’s a simple yet decadent treat that’s perfect for summer nights.


Magnificent Ice Tea Experiment


Who says tea is just for hot beverages? Break the mold with our Magnificent Ice Tea. Brew a combination of rooibos with orange peel and cinnamon, green rooibos with lemongrass and ginger, and ceylon tea with cornflower. After 3-5 minutes of brewing, pour the infusion over ice blocks and add a burst of freshness with sliced strawberries, blueberries, and mint. Sweeten to taste with honey or your preferred sweetener.


As we dive into summer, these revitalized recipes bring a breath of fresh air to your coffee and tea rituals. Whether you’re lounging on a lazy afternoon or entertaining guests al fresco, The Magnificent Barista Boys have your summer sips covered. Embrace the season, sip by sip, with our artisanal creations that turn every cup into a celebration of sunshine and flavor.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can savor the extraordinary? Let your taste buds dance with joy as you indulge in these cool and creative concoctions. Here’s to a summer filled with delicious sips, good company, and the unbeatable warmth of Cape Town’s sun.


Barista and Ice Tea Bars:


Too timid to try these at home or for an event? The Magnificent Barista Boys are poised to transform your event into an extraordinary experience with our exceptional Barista Bar and Ice Tea Bar services.

Whether it’s a joyous wedding, a lively celebration, a corporate conference, a product launch, or an engaging exhibition, we bring an unparalleled level of flair to every occasion. Our skilled baristas are ready to craft the perfect cup of coffee using the finest Magnificent Barista Boys beans, ensuring that each sip is a delightful journey into the world of premium coffee.


Additionally, our Ice Tea Bar service offers a refreshing twist, featuring a selection of expertly brewed teas paired with vibrant flavors and garnishes. Elevate your event with the sophistication and energy of our Barista Bar and Ice Tea Bar, leaving your guests with memorable moments and a taste of excellence. The Magnificent Barista Boys are not just serving coffee; we’re brewing unforgettable experiences for your special day.

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