Barista Blend Medium Roast Coffee – 1kg


Barista Blend dark roast coffee beans, an all African coffee with tasting notes of sweet maple and toasted nut aromas with flavours of milk chocolate and grapefruit. dark roast coffee beans

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  • BARISTA BLEND: Medium Roast
  • ORIGIN: Central & East Africa
  • TASTING NOTES: Sweet maple and toasted nut aromas with flavours of milk chocolate and grapefruit.
More than coffee beans

The complex artistry behind making a brilliant cup of barista-style coffee begins by understanding how different coffee roast profiles impact the product. To the discerning palate, there is far more to know about coffee than meets the eye. Likewise, as with all fineries in life, a brilliant cup of coffee requires time, patience and persistence.

Knowing the intricacies behind coffee species, grind size, brewing methods, and coffee roast flavour profiles are all part and parcel of the home barista’s journey. Empowering oneself with basic knowledge has the power to separate a good cup of coffee from an exceptional one.

The roasting process begins with maturation when the coffee seeds are still green in colour with an earthy, grassy aroma. In fact, coffee beans don’t smell like coffee beans at all during their infantile state, which is why roasting is so important.

Furthermore, the development process allows the coffee to develop between 800 to 1000 different aroma compounds that make up coffee’s flavour. This happens in three stages: Firstly – drying. After that – browning. And finally – roasting.

The Barista Blend

Medium -Dark roast coffee beans: A chocolatey-brown shade of color.  The medium-dark roast profile is less acidic and has a heavier, bitter-sweet character.

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