Dark Horse Coffee – Whole Bean – 500g


Indulge in our dark roast coffee beans, for an intense, smoky experience. Aromatic and decadent, ideal for early-morning and late-night connoisseurs.

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  • DARK HORSE: Dark Roast
  • ORIGIN: Central & East Africa, South America
  • TASTING NOTES: Bittersweet dark chocolate impressions with a tobacco-like aroma, hints of berries and a clear acidity.
The art of exceptional coffee

The complex artistry behind making a brilliant cup of barista style coffee begins in this manner: To begin with, you need to understand how different coffee roast profiles impact the product. These could be light, medium or dark roast coffee beans. To the discerning palate, there is far more to know about coffee than meets the eye.

Like all fineries in life, a brilliant cup of coffee requires time, patience and persistence.

Knowing the intricacies behind coffee species, grind size, brewing methods and coffee roast flavour profiles are indeed all part and parcel of the home barista’s journey. Empowering oneself with the basic knowledge has the power to separate a good cup of coffee from an exceptional one.

The roasting process begins with maturation when the coffee seeds are still green in colour with an earthy, grassy aroma. In fact, coffee beans don’t smell like coffee beans at all during their infantile state, which is why roasting is so important. Even so, the development process allows the coffee to develop between 800 to 1000 different aroma compounds which make up the flavour of coffee.

This happens in three stages: firstly drying, secondly browning and finally roasting.

The Dark One

The dark roast coffee beans are black, oily and noticeable bitter. Moreover, the dark roast coffee bean profile is less acidic and has a heavier, smokier and stronger finish. Darker roasts can be found in Espresso, Viennese, Italian and French blends.

Our Dark Horse Blend is the most intense dark roasted coffee bean profile in the MBB family. As a result, you will experience the smokiness of bittersweet dark chocolate impressions with a tobacco-like aroma, hints of berries and a clear acidity. Available in 250g ground, coffee capsules, 500g whole bean and 1kg bags.

If you fancy yourself a home barista, grind your own dark roast coffee beans with our 500g or 1kg bags. Our Magnificent Dark Horse is the perfect gift for coffee connoisseurs or a regular feature at the office coffee station. Enquire about our wholesale coffee prices on info@baristaboys.co.za

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